Family Worship Resources – May 10, 2020

In children's ministry, news by Becky Rydman

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What a blessing it is to worship together with our kids! It can also be a challenge, keeping kids engaged at their own level. We pray that these resources will help your family be blessed during your time of worship.

Worship Songs – Have a Family Dance Party as you all sing along with our worship team

Prayer – An important ‘All In’ part of the worship service. Model to your children how to focus in on prayer.

Communion – Many families are choosing to have their children participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Preschool Prompts – helpful in engaging young children in activities based on the sermon, during the sermon time. This week’s prompts using play dough are: Make a world (John 3:16); an arrow (Rise Up); a foot (Jesus washing the disciples’ feet). You can also play the Mirror Game where someone is the leader and someone else mirrors them. Talk about how we are supposed to mirror Jesus and do the things He did.

Elementary activities – Worship Notes pages are written each week to align with the service and help kids engage in the sermon at their own level.

May 10 2020 Worship Notes