Daniel Fast

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January 5 – January 25

Every January, we unite with other faith families around the country and participate in 21 day.s of prayer and fasting. Fasting is simply abstaining from something that you enjoy. There are many versions of this fast and no right or wrong way to do it. To keep it simple, during the Daniel Fast, we abstain from meats and sweets.

For a more detailed explanation of fasting, visit Pastor Micah’s blog post, A Brief Intro to Fasting.


We encourage you to do what you can. If a food fast is not possible, consider abstaining from something else that will point your attention toward God.

21 Days of Prayer

Along with our time of fasting, we also spend dedicated time in prayer. Prayer is simply a conversation with God. There isn’t a special way to pray. The important factor is that communication is happening! Have a plan can be helpful, so we offer this prayer outline.

Everyday, as you pray, walk through these 7 steps.

If you would like a printable 21 day prayer guide including daily scripture readings, click the link below.

  • Give Thanks

  • Confess & Repent of Wrongs

  • Bring God-Centered Requests

    God’s blessings & will over His church, our city, etc.

  • Pray for Needs in Your Life

  • Pray for Needs of Others

  • Reflect and Meditate on Scripture

  • Give Thanks